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Pharmaceutical Sciences 101


Earl Lewis Room

Pharmaceutical Science is the discipline which develops drug delivery systems.

Attendance at this panel is encouraged for those who are interested in pursuing a PhD and researching new methods of administering drugs.



Dr. David Smith:

  • John G. Wagner Collegiate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences: University of Michigan

  • Research Interests: During his career, Dr. Smith has made many important scientific contributions, including the determinants of renal drug elimination, the regional  pharmacokinetics of anticancer drugs, and the cellular and molecular biology, physiology, and pharmacology of proton-coupled oligopeptide transporters.

  •; Website

Dr. Duxin Sun:

  • Charles Walgreen Jr. Professor of Pharmacy, University of Michigan

  • Research Interests: Dr. Sun researches nanomedicine and its impact on drug delivery. He is also interested in how drug optimization can alter tissue targeting and clinical dose/efficacy/toxicity.

  • He has worked on the use of the Virus Spike Mimicry NanoVaccine (VSM NanoVac) to activate B cell immunity, as well as on an intubation and wireless sampling device in the human GI tract for microbiome analysis and drug product optimization.

  •; Sun Lab Website

Dr. Anna Schwendeman:

  • William I Higuchi Collegiate Professor of Pharmacy, University of Michigan

  • Research Interests: Her research focus is on the optimization of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) nanoparticles for treatment of atherosclerosis, sepsis, neurodegenerative diseases and drug delivery purposes. She was involved in discovery and translation of HDL drugs to Phase II clinical trials at Cerenis Therapeutics, Pfizer, and Esperion Therapeutics. Dr. Schwendeman is also a co-director of the FDA funded Center for Research on Complex Generics.


Zebedee Miller:

  • Class of 2021, University of Michigan (B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science)

  • Current PhD Student in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Illinois-Chicago

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